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We welcome entries that are not traditional scrapbooking - such as art journalling, painting, cards, mixed media, off-the-page work. However you like to create - we welcome your work!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

added incentive

Come on ladies - we have a respectful number of followers on this blog who have not been coerced to join in any way - yet we don't see you play along with our challenges!  So many blogs coerce lurkers to join the membership of the blog with prizes - but our followers have joined by choice.  Where are you - why don't we see you play along?  Do you play along at home without posting??? Don't keep it to yourself - we want to see your work and be inspired by it!

Are you shy because you do not think you create designer quality work??? That's not what this blog is all about.  We want to visit your blog, see how you interpret our challenges and sketches, know you and what makes your world tick.  Everyone inspires others in some way. And we are about fun and friendliness and encouragement for each others.

Do you create designer quality work and don't want to waste your energy on a blog that doesn't receive as much traffic as the top blogs??? Well, then, you are missing out on meeting a lot of very nice ladies here.  You are also missing out on opportunities to leave some honest memories for your children, families and friends when you are gone, or memoirs for yourself when you are old, because our challenge prompts encourage you to scrap some meaningful memories of your own from your past, but sometimes present life.  As scrappers we are prone so much more often to scrap the children etc. and not ourselves. We challenge you to leave a legacy of YOU. And, if you started playing along, this blog would increase in traffic which would increase your own traffic on your blog.  Increasing our numbers will increase yours.

Added to the reasons you should play along here is that our 15th of the month challenges are very free and open - all you are required to do is interpret the sketch - that's it! No prompt, no rule that you can't combine it with other challenges, you are only required to have some fun with it.  This allows you to play along with other challenges, which again will increase your traffic and give you opportunities to be inspired by others!!

So, what is going to make you play along with us besides what I have written above???? I cannot offer you a million dollars.  I can't afford large kits and the shipping prices around the globe.  My incredibly captivating personality has not fascinated you so far ... :). So how about the opportunity to be a guest designer and be featured all the next month that you have played along??????  We will continue with our invited feature designers, and also randomly choose amongst participants one player to be a guest designer every month.

If this opportunity does not entice you to play along - drop me a line at anne.pennington@xplornet.com to tell me what will.

So - ladies who have already played along this month - your name will be entered into a draw to be a winning guest designer next month along with our featured designer for every one of your entries. Those of you who have yet to enter will have the same opportunity when you do submit an entry this month for either or both of our challenges. Every entry gives you a chance!

Happy Sunday!!! Come play with us!!!!


  1. :):):) I LOVE your personality!!!
    But yes, come on everyone!! join us in our challenges, we would love to see what you create!!!!

  2. Yeas ladies, let´s play together. :-)))

    Ann, sorry I linked my sketch challenge twice, one in the wrong place.
    could you please clena up to me?

    1. Hello Paula - all fixed - going to peek at your layout now!!! Always excited to see you visit!

  3. Hi Anne, I've just linked my page for the September inspirational person in my life challenge. Submitting this page bought back so many happy memories for me.

  4. I love your captivating personality Anne!! This DT are the best bunch of girls to work with and now I finally have my life under control I am happy to vist and appreciate all the effort everyone goes to. And I love that you have opened up the Facebook page to everyone xx

  5. As someone who has "followed" you but not yet played... For me, its because of the amazing creations you do already have entred!! I am a fairly simple scrapper and honestly don't do it for the "prizes" but I do it for MYSELF!
    I only started joining in challenge blogs in July, So its easy for me to get "scared off".. lol..
    But since your post is so overwhelmingly convincing, I'll now make it my mission to get a LO done for this sketch! :)
    Toni.. xoxo

    1. Yay - Toni!!! That's the spirit. This is not a group of ladies to be afraid of for sure - we would LOVE to see what you do with our challenges! I'm like you, I don't do it for the prizes, I do it for the sheer joy of it! But I've met so many wonderful ladies by entering into the challenges all over, and visiting blogs, and I am sold on continuing to join in on them!