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We welcome entries that are not traditional scrapbooking - such as art journalling, painting, cards, mixed media, off-the-page work. However you like to create - we welcome your work!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 2017

Our challenge for September 2017 is:

Scrapbook, make a card, or art journal using the colour purple!!

This challenge will run until the end of October since we had a late start this month.

Play along with as many challenges as you wish.The more the merrier - when you do others learn about other challenges that they may enjoy!

You are welcome to scrapbook pages of any size, or to art journal, paint, create cards, mixed media, or off-the-page work.  Whatever medium you prefer to use - USE IT!! We love to see whatever you create!

This month's winner will be receiving a gift certificate from Scrapbook.com

 Here is what our design team did for us this month:

Busy creating.

Purple, purple, purple - get your purple on!


  1. I won't be able to enter any more scrapbook pages. This is due to Flickr closing (the alternative sounds as if it is pay only, but we can't afford luxuries). Breaking my heart as I loved entering scrapbooking challenges, but there we go. The deadline is end of Nov. after which you change over or everything is deleted. It's been a horrible year for me and I don't have time to try to find something else. So, goodbye everyone and good luck xx

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