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Monday, February 17, 2014

new page on the blog - freaking cool challenge sites ...

Hope you had a chance to read our Monday's Mentions today to see what some of our friends are up to.

We have a new page on the website that lists some freaking cool challenge sites - use it for your convenience to find scrapbooking and art journalling challlenge websites!

If you have some faves that are not there, please send them along.  If they look of interest to others I will gladly post them!!

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  1. Big OOOPS, Anne...dunno how i did it but my challenge entry #5 is FROM 2013...now I can't get rid of it...hoping you can remove it....#6 is the right link for the current challenge...sozzy!..
    And while I'm here, check out this one - it's a neat site but brand new [ish!]