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Monday, December 30, 2013

... an end of the year challenge ...

Make note, journal - or art journal if you are inclined to do so - of the best of 2013. If there is one single milestone - all the better. Describe how it made you feel - how it affected your life, and others around you. Describe the elation. Then choose the lowest point of 2013 for you - again describe how it affected your life and those around you. Describe your despair. Describe both in as much detail as you dare. Do the same for every year from now on. But - revisit both the highs and lows of all the years, every year. Record your perspective on them as the years progress. I think it will be a revealing exercise. Our perspectives change through the years - I think it will be very revealing to record how we grow emotionally.

Do you dare???????

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