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Monday, June 4, 2012

some freaking faves for may and a winner

Wow - we had some awesome entries in this month's challenges.  It is always so hard to choose, and I thank the design team who help me with this.

1st May 2012 faves:

15th May 2012 faves:

and the winner of the half dozen hand made greeting cards is:

Lizzy Hill - here is Lizzy's entry for the 1st of May challenge (which was the one she won the greeting cards with) - a very beautiful layout indeed:

and here are the hand made cards that Lizzy won!! Lol, she probably doesn't need them, as I've seen some of her lovely card creations!! Lizzy - please e-mail me at anne.pennington@xplornet.com and send me your mailing address.


  1. Loved this month's entries - way to go Lizzy!! xx

  2. Thanks, Karen...& thanks Team...& thanks Anne...course I'll use the cards. They look REALLY lovely & for some reason peeps keep having birthdays!!!!!! YAY!!! Winning is fun, I have to admit [sheepish grin]:):):)

  3. Well done Lizzy and such an awesome Layout. All of the entries were gorgeous, well done to everyone!