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Saturday, July 9, 2011

fave fridays 8 july 2011

Yikes - forgot to post yesterday. This is the area where you can let us know about anything interesting you saw this week that would interest we scrapbookers.  It can be a techique, a challenge webste, a product, an artist etc..  Please provide us a link!


  1. I saw two awesome tutorials on Nikki's blog




  2. Those are sweet tutorials and patters to use, Julie!! I'm not much for altered items, but they are very well done!

    I found a challenge blog called Punky Scraps - a funky website that looks like it has some interesting challenges. Check it out!!


    Anne Pennington

  3. As Anne will attest to I am all about organizing!! This blog is all about organized craft spaces including links to other designer craft spaces and lots of great stuff - how cool is that??

  4. Oh yeah, Lee, you are the freaking queen of organization! :) My creative space looks like a bomb went off whenever I am working on a project.

    This is a good link - it inspired me to clean up a bit of my scrapping table and one of the shelves on my bookcase, and also to pack away my gypsy properly ... :) I liked the idea of the chains that held the dowelling for ribbon. Pretty economical way to organize the ribbon at a low cost, and you can adjust for the space you have easily!!


  5. Yvonne has the greatest ideas here for using ribbon. Three, count them three great ideas:


  6. this kid is so cute and such a fabulous presenter. you could make smaller versions for scrapbooking embelishments.

  7. I just discovered your blog (through Julie T.W.) and I am loving this feature. I can not wait to see what you have in store in terms of challenges! Bookmarked you :)