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Sunday, July 22, 2012

techniques twenty-seconds 22 July 2012

Here is a tutorial shared today by our designer Kim Price!!!

I thought I could share with you today a few tips on how I get my alpha stickers straight, and probably more importantly to me, arranged on my page with dimensional embellishments. I am a HUGE fan of dimension and texture in a LO, but adding titles, journalling or just words to a page can be a challenge if your scrapping style is anything like mine. Here is how I go about it..

And here's a great idea on how to recycle some of that cellophane packaging we all have loads of but just throw away. Cut a piece of the packaging to measure larger than your intended title. Be generous - you were only going to throw it out anyway! 

The next step is to rule a line onto some scrap paper as a guide to where to place your stickers. Adhere the cellophane packaging over the drawn line using sticky tape or the like, being careful not to place sticky tape where your letters will go, and begin adding your letters to form either a phrase or a single word like a title. Cellophane is quite forgiving in that you can usually lift a sticker back up and re place it again if you're careful. I find that long tweezers come in really handy for this job and I tend not to press my stickers down too much until I am happy with the placement. 

When I have finished adding my letters I then carefully remove the cellophane sheet from the sticky tape and, using sharp scissors, cut closely around my letters being careful not to snip them apart. This helps to camouflage the cellophane against your layout/card/project so that there isn't any visible excess.

Besides getting your lettering straight, this allows you to place your titles, phrases etc over the top of other embellishments on your page without any problems! You will probably never want to place those stickers directly onto your layouts again.

Oh, and one more thing? As an added bonus you can also very easily move your words around your page for that perfect placement before you commit! How good is that?!

Thanks for joining us today, and have fun using up those alpha stickers stashed away in your draw.


  1. I really love that techinic, and I´ll try ass soon as I buy some alfas...lol...I am running out of them. Tks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the cool tip!!
    ; )

  3. TFS... this is such a simple, but effective idea - I would never have thought of it - it's GREAT:):):))

  4. This sounds really cool! I wish you had made a video showing how. Maybe next time :)
    Thanks for sharing !