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Monday, December 12, 2011

monday's mentions 12 december 2011

Sarah Groen was a winner over at Stuck Sketches this month - congratulations Sarah!!!

Nadia Cannizzo and Patrice were faves at Sketchy Thursdays.

My friend Lee Schertzing received this amazing package of ribbon from 217 Creations a couple of weeks ago.  I just had to share the photos:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Something uplifting ...

I have always loved this - I think it is the same one I posted on my personal blog last year.  Enjoy it ladies!! It will put a smile on your face for sure!! And no, I get no kickbacks from Scrapbook.com, lol.  They don't even supply me with their gift certificates for the blog ... it is simply uplifting, especially if you love to scrap like we do!

fave fridays 9 december 2011

My friend Lee Schertzing sent me a couple of links to share today with you all.  Here are a couple of her favourite scrapbooking links this week:

How to make a 3D Pinecone (217 Creations)

Freebies to download at Jack and Cat Studio

The freebies are Christmas ephemera at a high resolution - very useful indeed and GORGEOUS!!

Thanks so much Lee!! You are a doll!!

... and speaking of 217 Creations and gorgeous - stay tuned on Monday when we post Monday's mentions and show you some photos of some GORGEOUS ribbon that they sent to Lee one day a few weeks ago.  What a freaking bonanza!! You've got to see it.

Have a great weekend - never be shy to post links you like in the comments section on Fridays, or send me fave links at anne.pennington@xplornet.com - just mention fave fridays in your subject line.  Even if your fave link is your own blog - post away!! We love to share here, and we'd love to see your stuff.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

shining stars on the seventh - 7 december 11

Julie Jeavon's daughter Siobhan is just as artistic and crafty as her Mom!! Here is a recent example of her work:

Loving the tags and the card!!!  You have used great colours and embellishments, Siobhan.  The Christmas pressies and tree ornaments are making me in the mood for Christmas!!! Awesome work - I really hope that I see more of it!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 december 2011 prompt challenge

Wow - the 1st of December - Christmas is coming ....

Our challenge this time around is to scrap a treasured Thanksgiving memory for you, DO NOT USE THE COLOUR ORANGE anywhere in the layout. Ha ha!! If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving – how about scrapping what you are thankful for, or why not scrap a family reunion or gathering????

Here are some contributions from some members of our lovely design team - and no, that is not orange in my layout - it is a salmony pink and yellow from Sassafrass!:

and me :)