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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 february 2012 scrapbooking challenge

Hard to believe we are in the second month of 2012 already!!  Wow. No wonder I have the year down pat whenever I write the date out in full.  I've had a month to practice it and get used to it.

Our scrapbooking challenge this time around is to scrap about our first love.  For me - I chose my first pop star crush - as the first crush I remember (he didn't know) is in contact with me on Facebook, and my first boyfriend is as well - don't want to stir up any controversy!!! Lol.  Anyway here is how I presented the scrapbook challenge to the DT:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next month – your first love – a real boy or girl, try to include a  momento from that time with them, or download an image or something from that era from the internet if you wish. A pop or movie star crush can be substituted for a real live crush if you are too shy to tell us how it really was!!!

Here is what they came up with:


Our guest designer Paula Castells:


  1. The secret's out now... Elvis was mine all those years ago. I wished!!!!!

  2. Thanks Lizzy, your page was fab! I loved all the colors but your post had my laughing!

  3. Sorry!! I inserted the link in the wrong post and can't undo it ...

  4. Great challenge Anne! Just uploaded my entry =)